mandag 29. juni 2009

A terrace with a spa gazebo

Norwegian summers are short and unpredictable, and this in combination with the fact that we love the sun, fresh air and taking a lovely hot bath! This garden and the outdoor rooms on this property are planned based on this information. We have made sure that it, both summer and winter, is possible to have dinner and take a bath outdoors, if desired.

From the living room a door leads to the terrace on the east side of the house, where the sun rise very early in the morning. In summer it is nice to sit out here to read the newspaper and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, and eat freshly made waffles still warm from the iron, together with freshly picked strawberries from our own little strawberry field in the garden.

From the living room a second door leads to the terrace on the west side of the house. The west terrace is ca. 40 m². The dining table on the terrace seats eight people. When extended, the dining table can seat up to 14 people.

On the west terrace, it is wonderful bask in the morning sun, and lovely to sit in the shade of the apple tree and read a book while I enjoy the warm, peaceful afternoon and a refreshing cold beverage with ice cubes in it.

The fragrance of the flowers, the taste of strawberry, melon and kiwi pieces in a beautiful fruit bowl on the blue table in front of me, the sound of a busy bumblebee flying past me and leaves rustle gently in the gentle summer breeze, this is what I associate with summer. Then I live slowly and enjoy.

Out here on the terrace, it is also nice to sit in the afternoon sun with the kids while we cut fresh spring onions, red onions, tomatoes and salad leaves, – vegetables from our own garden, preparing tempting salads with olive oil and feta cheese. Here we also grill the sea trout we caught in the fjord nearby, wrapped in aluminium foil with olive oil and fresh basil from our own garden, here we sit preparing fried raw-cut almond potatoes with Maldon salt, delicious plates of cut lemon and other garnishes. On nice summer evenings we gather for dinner here on the west terrace.

If it should rain later in the afternoon, it does not matter. Then we take cover in the barbecue gazebo. These photoes were all taken on the terrace on the west side of the house. In the upper right photo you see the spa gazebo which stands at one end of the west terrace. The barbecue gazebo can be seen in the background.

After our children have fallen asleep in the evening, we enjoy a glass of wine on the west terrace and watch the sun set. If the air becomes cooler later in the evening, we slide into the outdoor spa, and sit there fully relaxed surrounded by azure blue lighted 39°C water. As the doble glass doors are wide open, we watch the candlelights from the lanterns and blooming apple trees, and enjoy the summer fragrance of the 150 lilacs surrounding our property.

The water temperature in the spa is set at 40° C throughout the year, summer and winter. The ozone system keeps the water clean, clear and sparkling, a water change might be necessary 4 times a year. If you prefer cooler water during the hot summer months, the temperature is adjusted using the digital display / control panel. A dream terrace for both adults and children!

Both terraces are at first floor level, not at ground floor level. To be assured privacy on the terraces, we have chosen not to have access to neither the west-, nor the east-terrace, from ground level. We have truly wonderful neighbors, but it is nice to be able to bask in the sun and relax in peace and quiet, without the risk of the neighbor suddenly coming over to chat. On the north-east side of the house is a third terrace. The third terrace is at ground floor level and provides easy access to the outdoor storage shed and the greenhouse which are located on the east side of the house.

The gazebo/outdoor livingroom located on the south side of the house, has windows and insulation for winter use. The gazebo is perfect for kids halloween parties, mini-Santa parties in december and similar occasions. Here we serve coffee and strawberry cream cake to relatives and friends on Norway´s National Day, 17th of May. It is almost magical to sit down and enjoy a fabulous wild food gourmet dinner in the gazebo in October, and the New Year Cognac never taste better than when it is shared with good friends inside the warm and cozy gazebo, as we watch the lights from the many flares in the glittering white snow outside the gazebo... But images of snow, flares and winter mood will have to wait... Now summer is here for us to enjoy!

I will eventually also present photoes, and interior details of, the barbecue gazebo, the outdoor livingroom, my spice garden, the Victorian greenhouse which soon is completed, and other pleasant outdoor rooms in my wonderful year-round garden, under the label "Translated inte English" or "A presentation of rooms in my year-round garden". You can also read about our house building project and how it all began, under the label "12 years of hard work".

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