tirsdag 16. juni 2009

Entrance hallway with integrated IR-sauna - 21 m²

The smooth, painted walls in the color Marrakech, stands in beautiful contrast to all the white. White painted wooden ceiling, white painted door and window casing, white painted columns and roof beams. A bright and airy entrance hallway with 21 ceiling spotlights, with dimming function.

Dimmed spotlights creates a special and elegant atmosphere when we are welcoming dinner guests at our house. A big old silver tray sits on a table in the entrance hallways and we place a five-arm candlestick with lit candles on the tray along with tall glasses. As our guests begin arriving, we hang their coats or jackets nicely organized in the closet, while they are offered a glass of sparkling wine before they enter the living room.

The 7 meters long wardrobe with sliding mirror doors and a functional interior design made by Elfa, also hide a integrated drying cabinet, which is connected to a ventilation duct. The drying cabinet is very practical when children return from school or kindergarden wearing snowy or wet clothes.

In the entrance hallway there is also a special designed shoe cabinet, with spotlights and vitrine doors, and a storage capacity of 50 pairs of shoes. My plan was to make thin cotton curtain to mount on the inside of the cabinet doors, but soon we experienced the benefit of being able to see the shoes through the cabinet doors. Eventually we have learned where the different types of shoes are located in the cabinet, and the cotton curtains will be mounted shortly, since this will make a tidier estetic expression.

A infrared (IR) sauna with a Cedar wood interior, integrated spotlights, CD/radio and color light therapy, is also integrated in the entrance hallway. The IR-sauna is next to the second bathroom with a hydro-massage shower, toilet etc.

A large old white painted Provence-style dresser is placed on the opposite side of the sauna. It has one drawer for storing the childrens' gloves, one drawer for storing the childrens' hats, one for storing caps and summer hats, one for scarfs etc., plus a drawer especially made for neatly storage of the family members' sunglasses.

From the entrance hallway a door leads to the second bathroom and laundry room, and the short distance between the front door and the bathroom provides quick access to the toilet. A practical solution, especially for families with children. Muddy kids who have been out playing all day can undress themselves, put the dirty clothes in the right place and go straight into the shower, without passing through the house in their muddy clothes first. The same applies to adults who have been exersicing, cutting the lawn and doing other gardening chores, changed tires on the car or washed the family's pet.

Our children's cotton underwear, socks and wool underwear are stored in one of the many cabinets in the second bathroom. The rest of their clothes are stored in the wardrobe in the innermost part of the entrance hallway (This part of the hallway is not possible to see from the front door or any of the windows). Wirsbo radiant floor heating systems (hot water) are installed in every room of the house, except in bedrooms, making the stone floors comfortably warm and nice for the children to walk on in their little bare feet.

Organizing their clothes, collecting all of their clothes in one wing, is perhaps one of the most brilliant ideas we have ever had. We no longer run up and down the stairs to the children's bedrooms carrying clean clothes, and do not have to carry dirty clothes down stairs anymore. It makes the logistics much easier, causes less dust in their bedrooms and makes it significantly easier to keep the bedrooms orderly. We, my husband and I, have a spacious and well organized wardrobe in the master bedroom for our clothes, but we have strategically placed our coats and jackets, scarves, gloves, wool underwear, wool sweaters, wool socks and sports clothing, in the wardrobe in the entrance hallway. Trainingbags, school bags etc. are also hidden behind the sliding mirror doors in the entrance hallway. The interior design chosen makes it easy to stay organized and, last but not least, keep the entrance hallway orderly and clean.

On the walls hang a number of framed color lithographs, which we have collected through the years. The frames are made by a local frame- and art gallery. We have chosen a quite narrow frame profile in the color Antique brass.

The marble tiles on the floor are stone, type Arctic Green, and the floor has decorative elements of white Carrara-marble from Italy. The stone is delivered by Ankerske Naturstein AS.

You can read more about the living room and the second bathroom and laundry room under the label "Translated into English" or "A presentation of rooms in my house". You can also read about our house building project and how it all began, under the label "12 years of hard work".

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